**Social Studies lessons should include a content standard and a skills standard.

The student will demonstrate skills for historical thinking, geographical analysis, economic decision making, and responsible citizenship by 

a) synthesizing evidence from artifacts and primary and secondary sources to obtain information about events in world history; 

b) using geographic information to determine patterns and trends to understand world history; 

c) interpreting charts, graphs, and pictures to determine characteristics of people, places, or events in world history; 

d) evaluating sources for accuracy, credibility, bias, and propaganda; 

e) comparing and contrasting historical, cultural, economic, and political perspectives in world history; 

f) explaining how indirect cause-and-effect relationships impacted people, places, and events in world history; 

g) analyzing multiple connections across time and place; 

h) using a decision-making model to analyze and explain the incentives for and consequences of a specific choice made; 

i) identifying the rights and responsibilities of citizens and ethical use of materials and intellectual property; and 

j) investigating and researching to develop products orally and in writing.

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

(2 weeks)
WHI.2a - Hunter-Gatherer Societies
WHI.2b - Paleolithic Era
WHI.2c - Neolithic Era
WHI.2d - Archaeology and Early Settlements

River Valley Civilizations
(2-3 weeks)
WHI.3a - Ancient River Valley Civilizations
WHI.3b - Ancient River Valley Civilizations Development of Social, Political, and Economic Patterns
WHI.3c - Development of Religious Traditions
WHI.3d - Origins, Beliefs, Traditions, Customs, and Spread of Judaism
WHI.3e - Development of Language and Writing

Age of Empires
(3 weeks)
WHI.4b - India
WHI.4c - Hinduism
WHI.4d - Buddhism
WHI.4e, f - China & Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism
WHI.4a - Persia

Ancient Greece
(3-4 weeks)
WHI.5a - Ancient Greece Geographic Features
WHI.5b - Ancient Greece Social and Religious Structures
WHI.5c - Athens & Sparta
WHI.5d - Persian, Pericles, and Peloponnesian
WHI.5e, f - Phillip of Macedonia, Alexander the Great, and Athenian Culture

Ancient Rome
(3-4 weeks)
WHI.6a - Ancient Rome Geography
WHI.6b - Ancient Rome Social and Religious Structure
WHI.6c - Roman Republic
WHI.6d - Political and Military Structure of Roman Republic
WHI.6e, f - Roman Empire and Pax Romana
WHI.6g - Decline of the Western Roman Empire

(1-2 weeks)
WHI.7a - Origins, Beliefs, Traditions, Customs, and Spread of Christianity
WHI.7b - Impact of the Church in Late Roman Empire
WHI.7c - Influence of the Roman Catholic Church

(1 week)
WHI.12a - Africa Geography
WHI.12b - Social, Political, Economic
WHI.12c - African Trading and Economic Interdependence

Byzantine + Russia
(2-3 weeks)
WHI.8a - Establishment of Constantinople
WHI.8b - Byzantine Emperor Justinian
WHI.8c - Byzantine Art and Architecture
WHI.8d - Split of the Roman Catholic Church & Greek Orthodox Church
WHI.8e - Influence of Byzantine Culture on Eastern Europe and Russia

(1-2 weeks)
WHI.9a - Origins, Location, Beliefs, Traditions, Customs, and Spread of Islam
WHI.9b - Islamic Economic, Social, and Political Development
WHI.9c - Cultural and Scientific Contributions of Islam

Early Middle Ages
(2-3 weeks)
WHI.10a - Societies of Western Europe During Middle Ages
WHI.10e - Feudalism and the Manor System
WHI.10b - Age of Charlemagne
WHI.10c - Magyars and Anglo-Saxons
WHI.10d - The Vikings

(1-2 weeks)
WHI.13a, b - Mayan, Aztec, and Incan Civilizations
WHI.13c - European Exploration & Interaction

Late Middle Ages
(3-4 weeks)
WHI.14a - European Monarchies
WHI.14b - Crusades
WHI.14c - Black Death
WHI.14d - Church Scholars

Asian Empires
(2 weeks)
WHI.11a - Major Global and Regional Trade Routes
WHI.11b - Regional Trade Networks
WHI.11c - Japan
WHI.11d - Mongol Empire

(1-2 weeks)
WHI.15a - Economic and Cultural Foundations of the Italian Renaissance
WHI.15b - Italian City-States and Machiavelli
WHI.15c - Art and Literature of the Renaissance
WHI.15d - Northern Renaissance

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Instructional Core Essentials 2018-2019

OPTIONAL 2018-2019 Performance Assessment #1- Create Your Own Civilization

OPTIONAL 2018-2019 Performance Assessment #2Contributions of Ancient Rome

OPTIONAL 2018-2019 Performance Assessment #3- The Americas

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