**Social Studies lessons should include a content standard and a skill standard.**

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The student will demonstrate skills for historical thinking, geographical analysis, economic decision making, and responsible citizenship by 

a) synthesizing evidence from artifacts and primary and secondary sources to obtain information about events and life in world history; 

b) using geographic information to determine patterns and trends in world history; 

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

World at 1500
(1-2 weeks)
WHII.2a - Major States and Empires
WHII.2b - The Renaissance
WHII.2c - Major Religions
WHII.2d - Major Trade Patterns
WHII.2e - Technological and Scientific Exchanges

World Religions
(1 week)
WHII.15a - Major World Religions
WHII.15b - Geographic Distributions of Major World Religions

Regional Civilizations
(3 weeks)
WHII.6a - Asian Empires
WHII.6b - Ottoman Empire
WHII.6c - Mughal Empire
WHII.6d - China
WHII.6e - Japan
WHII.6f - Political & Economic Systems of Asian Empires
WHII.7a - Major Societies in Africa
WHII.7b - Social and Cultural Patterns in East & West Africa
WHII.7c - Social and Cultural Patterns in Central & Southern Africa
WHII.7d - Political and Economic Systems in African Societies

Age of Exploration
(2 weeks)
WHII.4a - Political and Economic Goals of European Exploration
WHII.4b - European Expansion
WHII.4c - Social and Cultural Influences of European Settlement
WHII.4d - Columbian Exchange + Triangular Trade
WHII.4e - Scientific Revolution

The Reformation
(2 weeks)
WHII.3a - Protestant Reformation
WHII.3b - Reformation Movements and Counter Reformation
WHII.3c - Changing Values + Printing Press

Age of Revolutions
(3 weeks)
WHII.5a - European Empires
WHII.5b - Hapsburg Empire and Charles V
WHII.5c - Absolutism and The Enlightenment
WHII.5d - Rights of Englishmen
WHII.5e - French Revolution
WHII.5f - Social and Cultural Patterns in German States
WHII.5g - Social and Cultural Patterns in Italian States
WHII.5h - Social and Cultural Patterns in Russia

The Americas
(2 weeks)
WHII.9a - American Expansion
WHII.9b - Latin American Revolutions
WHII.9c - Impact of the Monroe Doctrine

(2 weeks)
WHII.8a - Industrial Revolution
WHII.8b - Advancements, Impacts, Nature of Work, and Social Effects of the Industrial Revolution
WHII.8c - Effect of Industrialization on Economic and Political Systems

European Nationalism
(2 weeks)
WHII.8e,f - Unification of Italy and Germany
WHII.8d - Napoleon and the Congress of Vienna

Imperialism + World War I
(3 weeks)
WHII.9d - European Imperialism
WHII.9e - Relationship between Industrialization, Imperialism, and Nationalism
WHII.10a - World War I
WHII.10b - WWI Major Battles and Technological Advances
WHII.10c - Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations, Mandate System

Interwar Period
(1-2 weeks)
WHII.10d - Russian Revolution
WHII.10f - Rise of Totalitarianism
WHII.10e - Worldwide Depression

World War II
(2 weeks)
WHII.11a - Causes of World War II
WHII.11b - World War II Leaders
WHII.11c - World War II Major Events
WHII.11d - Holocaust & Genocide
WHII.11e - Outcomes of World War II

Independence Movements
(2-3 weeks)
WHII.13a - Indian Independence Movements
WHII.13c - Middle East Independence Movements
WHII.13b - African Independence Movements

Cold War
(2-3 weeks)
WHII.12a, b - Cold War
WHII.12c - Major Movements in Asia
WHII.12d - Cold War Leaders

Contemporary World
(1 week)
WHII.14a - Contemporary Political Issues
WHII.14b - Economic and Political Freedom
WHII.14c - Economic Interdependence
WHII.14d - Impact of Terrorism

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Instructional Core Essentials 2018-2019

OPTIONAL 2018-2019 Performance Assessment #1- French Revolution

OPTIONAL 2018-2019 Performance Assessment #2- French Revolution

OPTIONAL 2018-2019 Performance Assessment #3- Industrial Revolution

OPTIONAL 2018-2019 Performance Assessment #4- Interwar Period

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