Reading - 2019-20

K.12 - Research

K.12 The student will conduct research to answer questions or solve problems using available resources.

a)  Generate topics of interest

b)  Generate questions to gather information

c)  Identify pictures, texts, or people as sources of information

d)  Find information from provided sources 

Adopted: 2017


  • I can wonder about something and think of how to find out more and answer questions about it.  


The student will be introduced to the research process by asking investigative questions, which will be used to solve problems.

Research in kindergarten prepares students for more formalized research in subsequent grades.

Teacher Notes:

  • Teachers should have students collaborate in whole or small groups to generate topics, ask questions, and find information.
  • Please note kindergarten students are not expected to complete research products.


All students should:

  • understand that research can be used to answer questions or solve problems
  • understand that many different sources, including people, can help provide information

To be successful with this standard, students are expected to:

K.12a1  generate ideas for topics based on interest or content areas (e.g., favorite animals, community helpers, life cycles etc.)

K.12b1  work collaboratively to generate questions to gather information

K.12c1  identify pictures, various texts, media, and people that can be used as sources of information

K.12d1  use provided sources to answer questions or solve problem

Updated: Mar 26, 2019