Reading - 2019-20

K.10 - Manuscript

K.10 The student will print in manuscript.

a)  Print capital and lowercase letters of the alphabet independently.

b)  Print his/her first and last names. 

Adopted: 2017


  • Because, if I write the wrong letter when writing a word, the reader will be confused.
  • So that, I can label my items with my name, and if they get lost people will know to whom it belongs.


At the kindergarten level, students will begin to build a connection between oral and written language. Awareness that spoken language can be written and written language can be read is a fundamental concept in communicating ideas. Students will learn to print the capital and lowercase letters of the alphabet as well as their first and last names. Kindergarten writing reflects the students’ oral language, and students will communicate their ideas through pictures and writing. Teachers will encourage the development of writing skills that are foundational to effective written communication and critical thinking. These skills are necessary for success in future postsecondary and workplace environments.

 Teacher Notes:

  • Teachers should model the writing process for students.
  • The focus of writing in kindergarten is narrative and descriptive. 
  • Teachers should model real-world writing experiences.
  • Teachers should encourage students to write about what they know and what they experience.


All students should:

  • understand that there are correct ways to write the manuscript letters of the alphabet.
  • understand that their written name provides identification.
  • understand that printing properly formed letters makes manuscript writing legible.

To be successful with this standard, students are expected to:

K.10a1  use appropriate pencil grip.

K.10a2  print capital and lower-case letters of the alphabet legibly and independently.

K.10a3  use manuscript letter formation.

K.10a4  use manuscript number formation.

K.10b1  form the letters of and space their first and last names.

K.10b2  print first and last names beginning each with a capital letter.


Updated: Mar 26, 2019