Social Studies - 2019-20

WHI.4a - Persia

The student will apply social science skills to understand the civilizations of Persia, India, and China in terms of chronology, geography, social structures, government, economy, religion, and contributions to later civilizations by

a) locating Persia in time and place, including Zoroastrianism and the development of an imperial bureaucracy;

Adopted: 2015


  • How did civilizations gain, consolidate, maintain, and lose their power?
  • Do the benefits of innovation outweigh the costs?
  • How do ideas and beliefs shape our lives and the world around us?

  • What factors help an empire succeed?

  • Are empires helpful or harmful?

  • How does trade affect civilization? How would the civilizations studied be different if there had not been trade?


Built on the Indus, Mesopotamian, and Nile River civilizations, Persia developed the largest empire in the world.

Zoroastrianism was the main Persian religion, although other religions were tolerated.


Persian Empire (present-day Iran)

 Tolerance of conquered peoples

 Development of an imperial bureaucracy

 Construction of a road system

 Practice of Zoroastrianism

o Religion of Persia

o Belief in two opposing forces in the universe



Persian Empire (4a)

Zoroastrianism (4a)

Tolerance (4a)

Imperial Bureaucracy (4a)

Indigenous (4b)

Caste System (4b)

Mauryan Empire (4b)

Gupta Empire (4b)

Golden Age of Classical India (4b)

Hinduism (4c)

Vedas (4c)

Upanishads (4c)

Reincarnation (4c)

Karma (4c)

Buddhism (4d, e)

Four Noble Truths (4d)

Eightfold Path (4d)

Enlightenment (4d)

Isolation (4e)

Mandate of Heaven (4e)

Porcelain (4e)

Civil service system (4e)

Silk Road (4e)

Bureaucracy (4e)

Confucianism (4f)

Ancestor worship (4f)

Taoism (4f)

Humility (4f)

Yin/Yang (4f)


Indo-Aryans (4b)

Asoka (4b,d)

Siddhartha Gautama (4d)

Buddha (4d)

Qin Shi Huangdi (4e)


Persia (4a)

India (4b-d)

Himalayas (4b)

Hindu Kush (4b)

Ganges River (4b)

Harrapa (4b)

Mohenjo Daro (4b)

Nepal (4d)

China (4d-e)

Great Wall of China (4e)

Updated: Jun 01, 2018