Science - 2019-20

PH.7 - Energy Transformations

The student will investigate and understand that energy can be transferred and transformed to provide usable work. Key concepts include

a)  transfer and storage of energy among  systems including mechanical, thermal gravitational, electromagnetic, chemical, and nuclear systems; and

b)  efficiency of systems.

Bloom's Levels:  Analyze; Understand

Adopted: 2010


  • I can explain how water can create electricity, which provides light in my home.
  • I can determine if my car has a mechanical issue based on the fuel efficiency.


The concepts developed in this standard include the following:

  • Energy can be transformed from one form to another.
  • Efficiency is the ratio of output work to input work.


In order to meet this standard, it is expected that students will

a)  illustrate that energy can be transformed from one form to another, using examples from everyday life and technology.

     qualitatively identify the various energy transformations in simple demonstrations.

b)  calculate efficiency by identifying the useful energy in a process.


Updated: Dec 01, 2017