Science - 2019-20

PH.4 - Physics in the Real World

The student will investigate and understand how applications of physics affect the world. Key concepts include

a)  examples from the real world; and

b)  exploration of the roles and contributions of science and technology.

Bloom's Levels:  Analyze; Understand

Adopted: 2010


  • I can explain how machines have revolutionized the world.
  • I can explain scientists like Steve Jobs have influenced change in the world.


The concepts developed in this standard include the following:

  • Discoveries in physics, both theoretical and experimental, have resulted in advancements in communication, medicine, engineering, transportation, commerce, exploration, and technology.
  • Journals, books, the Internet, and other sources are used in order to identify key contributors and their contributions to physics as well as their impact on the real world.


In order to meet this standard, it is expected that students will

a-b) be aware of real-world applications of physics, and the importance of physics in the advancement of various fields, such as medicine, engineering, technology, etc.


Updated: Dec 01, 2017