Social Studies - 2019-20

GOVT.8d - Individuals and Interest Groups' Influence on State and Local Governments

The student will apply social science skills to understand the organization and powers of the state and local governments described in the Constitution of Virginia by 

d) investigating and explaining the ways individuals and groups exert influence on state and local governments

Adopted: 2015


Big Themes/Concepts: Power & Authority, Influence

To what extent do interest groups advance or harm democracy?


Individuals and groups influence public policy at the state and local levels. 


Ways individuals influence public policy 

 Participating in politics (e.g., voting, campaigning, seeking office) 

 Expressing opinions (e.g., lobbying, demonstrating, writing letters, blogging, speaking at public hearings, petitioning, meeting with state and local officials) 

 Joining interest groups or political parties 

 Providing officials with accurate and detailed information 

Ways groups influence public policy 

 Identifying issues 

 Stimulating interest in public affairs, including through the use of media 

 Working to build a positive image for the group

 Organizing individuals of like-minded interests 

 Providing useful information to government officials 

 Lobbying to persuade policymakers to share the group’s point of view


Updated: Jul 11, 2017