Social Studies - 2019-20

WG.3 d - Regional Perspectives

The student will apply the concept of a region by 

d) explaining how different cultures use maps and place names to reflect their regional perspectives; 

(moved from WG.1e)

Adopted: 2015


Theme- Region, Continuity vs. Change, Perspective

How do humans divide the world?

How do regions help people understand the world?

How do physical landforms affect the formation of regions?

How are world regions shaped by human culture and ideas?


Maps and other visual images reflect changes in perspective over time. 

People use maps to illustrate their perspectives of the world. 



  • Map of Columbus’s time 
  • Map of the world today 
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) 

Perspectives of the world 

  • Australians putting the South Pole at the top of the map 
  • Asian maps centered on the Pacific Ocean 
  • European and American maps centered on the Atlantic Ocean 

Place names 

  • Taiwan, Republic of China 
  • Palestine, Israel, West Bank, Gaza 
  • Arabian Gulf vs. Persian Gulf 
  • Sea of Japan vs. East Sea 
  • Middle East vs. North Africa and Southwest Asia 


  • Africa: In 1914; in present day after independence in the late twentieth century 
  • Europe: Before World War II; after World War II; since 1990 
  • Russia and the former Soviet Union 
  • Middle East: Before 1948; after 1967


Updated: Jun 13, 2018