Social Studies - 2019-20

WG.3 c - Cultural Characteristics Divide Regions

The student will apply the concept of a region by 

c) analyzing how cultural characteristics, including the world’s major languages, ethnicities, and religions, link or divide regions;

Adopted: 2015


Theme- Region, Continuity vs. Change, Perspective

How do humans divide the world?

How do regions help people understand the world?

How do physical landforms affect the formation of regions?

How are world regions shaped by human culture and ideas?


Cultural difference and similarities can link or divide regions. 

People closely identify with the cultural characteristics of their region of origin. 



  • Arab world: Arabic 
  • Hispanic America: Spanish 
  • Brazil: Portuguese 
  • Canada: French and English 
  • Switzerland: Multiple languages 
  • English: International language 

Ethnic heritage 

  • Former Yugoslavia: Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, Albanians 
  • Burundi and Rwanda: Hutus and Tutsis 
  • United States, Switzerland: Multiple ethnicities united in one country 
  • Korea, Japan: Predominantly single ethnicity 
  • Cyprus: Greeks and Turks 

Religion as a unifying force 

  • Hinduism 
  • Buddhism 
  • Judaism 
  • Christianity 
  • Islam 

Religion as a divisive force 

  • Conflicts between Hindus and Muslims in Pakistan and India 
  • Conflicts between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland 
  • Jews, Christians, and Muslims all claiming Jerusalem as their religious heritage site 
  • Conflicts between Sunni and Shi’a


Updated: Jun 13, 2018