Social Studies - 2019-20

GOVT.6c - Campaign Funding

The student will apply social science skills to understand local, state, and national elections by 

c) analyzing the influence of media coverage, campaign advertising, public opinion polls, social media, and digital communications on elections;

Adopted: 2015


Big Themes/Concepts: Democracy, Politics, Political Systems, Communication

The strength of a democracy is equal to the strength of its citizens.

Political parties are designed to connect people to the government and preserve the sovereignty of citizens in a democracy.

In what ways should people participate in public affairs?

Does the two-party system help or harm democracy?


Media coverage, campaign advertising, public opinion polls, and Internet-based communications influence public opinions during a political campaign


Influences on elections 

 Mass media (including the Internet) influence public opinion. 

 Campaign advertisements are used to persuade and/or mobilize the electorate. 

 Polling is used to measure public attitudes, target ads, and refine campaign strategies. 

Internet-based communications include 

 campaign Web sites 

 e-mail communications with voters 

 use of social networking sites and blogging 

 online grassroots organizing.


Updated: Jun 22, 2017