Social Studies - 2019-20

1.10a-e - Being a Good Citizen in My Class, School, Community, and State

The student will apply the traits of a good citizen by

a) focusing on fair play, exhibiting good sportsmanship, helping others, and treating others with respect;

b) recognizing the purpose of rules and practicing self-control;

c) working hard in school;

d) taking responsibility for one’s own actions;

e) valuing honesty and truthfulness in oneself and others.

Adopted: 2015


Good citizens help communities grow and be strong

People are alike and different

There are many things (factors, characteristics) that people have in common

There are many things (factors, characteristics) that make people different from one another

I can be successful in many different areas (parts) of my life


Good citizens show a variety of positive traits.

Good citizens show respect to others even when they disagree.

Rules are made so that everyone is treated fairly.

Good citizens help make decisions in their classrooms by voting when the chance is provided.


Students can demonstrate good citizenship by

  • playing fairly
  • exhibiting good sportsmanship
  • helping others
  • treating others with respect
  • recognizing the purpose of rules
  • practicing self-control
  • working hard in school
  • taking responsibility for their own actions
  • valuing honesty and truthfulness in themselves and others
  • participating in classroom decision making.

Reasons for rules

  • To protect the rights of people
  • To provide suggestions for good behavior
  • To keep people safe

Reasons for voting

  • To voice your opinion

To take part in the process


Updated: May 18, 2018