Social Studies - 2019-20

WG.14 b - Distinguishing Between Developed and Developing Countries

The student will apply social science skills to compare and contrast the distribution, growth rates, and characteristics of human population by 

b) distinguishing between developed and developing countries; 

(moved from WG.8)

Adopted: 2015


Theme: Patterns

Why do patterns of development differ in the world?

People are not distributed equally on the earth's surface.
The world's population continues to grow, but at different rates in different regions. 


Many criteria are used to assess the standard of living and quality of life.


Demographics typical of developed economies 

  • High per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 
  • High life expectancy 
  • Low population growth rate 
  • Low infant mortality rate 
  • High literacy rate 

Demographics typical of developing economies 

  • Low per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) 
  • Low life expectancy 
  • High population growth rate 
  • High infant mortality rate 
  • Low literacy rate 

Differences between developed and developing nations 

  • Access to natural resources 
  • Access to capital resources (investment in technology and infrastructure) 
  • Number and skills of human resources 
  • Levels of economic development 
  • Standard of living and quality of life 
  • Relationships between economic development and quality of life


Updated: Jun 13, 2018