Every science lesson should include a process skills standard AND a content standard. Additionally, investigations should be conducted to practice multiple process skills EACH nine weeks.

Process Skills Standards

The student will demonstrate an understanding of scientific reasoning, logic, and the nature of science by planning and conducting investigations in which:

5.1a items such as rocks, minerals, and organisms are identified using various classification keys;
5.1b estimates are made and accurate measurements of length, mass, volume and temperature are made in metric units using proper tools;
5.1c estimates are made and accurate measurements of elapsed time are made using proper tools;
5.1d hypotheses are formed from testable questions;
5.1e independent and dependent variables are identified ;
5.1f constants in an experimental situation are identified;
5.1g data are collected, recorded, analyzed, and communicated using proper graphical representations and metric measurements;
5.1h predictions are made using patterns from data collected, and simple graphical data are generated;
5.1i inferences are made and conclusions are drawn;
5.1j models are constructed to clarify explanations, demonstrate relationships, and solve needs;
5.1k current applications are used to reinforce science concepts.

Content Standards

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

Scientific Investigations
(14 days)
5.1 - Scientific Investigations

(20 days)
5.4 - Matter

Force & Motion Review
(5 days)
4.2 - Motion
4.3 - Characteristics of Electricity

Earth's Structure 
(4 days)
5.7 d - Earth Structure

Plate Tectonics & Rock Cycle
(21 days)
5.7 a-c, e, f-g - Rocks and Rock Cycle

(15 days)
5.6 - Oceans

(4 days)
4.7 - Solar System

(16 days)
5.2 - Sound

(21 days) excluded from Benchmark Assessment
5.3 - Light

(6 days)
4.8 - Earth, Moon and Sun
4.6 - Weather

Cells and Organisms
(19 days)
5.5 - Cells and Classification

Activities for SOL Review

4.4 Plants
4.5 Ecosystems
4.9 VA Resources

(10+ days)

39 Days 44 Days 43 Days 54 Days
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