Science - 2018-19

ES.8 a - Geologic Processes

The student wil linvestigate and understand how freshwater resources are influenced by geologic processes and the activities of humans. Key concepts include

a) processes of soil development.

Bloom's Levels:  Analyze; Understand

Adopted: 2010


  • Earth's surface is built up and worn down by natural processes, such as rock formation, erosion, and weathering.

  • I can explain why the soil locally must have nutrients added before successfully growing a garden.


  • Soil is formed from the weathering of rocks and organic activity and is composed of loose rock fragments and clay derived from weathered rock mixed with organic material. 



A horizon, abrasion, B horizon, burrowing animals, C horizon, carbonic acid, chemical weathering, cone of depression, creep, deflation, erosion, ice wedging, ground water, horizon, humus, leaching, mass movement or mass wasting, mechanical or physical weathering, mud flow, oxidation, permeability, porosity, rock fall, rock slide, root pry, run-off, saltation, sinkhole, slump, soil, stalactite, stalagmite, water table, weathering, zone of aeration, zone of saturation

Updated: May 30, 2018