Science - 2018-19

6.5 d - Energy & Bodies of Water

The student will investigate and understand the unique properties and characteristics of water and its roles in the natural and human-made environment. Key concepts include
d) the ability of large bodies of water to store thermal energy and moderate climate.

Adopted: 2010


  • Water plays an important role in the ecosystem, weathering, climate, and supporting human life.  

  • I can plan a vacation to the beach with the warmest ocean temperature during a certain time of the year.


  • Water is able to absorb thermal energy without showing relativel large changes in temperature. Large bodies of water act to moderate the climate of surrounding areas by absorbing thermal energy in summer and slowly releasing that energy in the winter. For this reason, the climate near large bodies of water is slightly milder than areas without large bodies of water.


In order to meet this standard, it is expected that students will

d)  analyze and explain the difference in average winter temperatures among areas in central and western Virginia and cities and counties along the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic coast.


universal solvent, solute, adhesion, cohesion, density, surface tension, solvent

Updated: Jun 29, 2018