Science - 2018-19

LS.6 d - Energy Flow

The student will investigate and understand that organisms within an ecosystem are dependent on one another and on nonliving components of the environment. Key concepts include

d) energy flow in food webs and energy pyramids.

Bloom's Levels:  Analyze; Understand

Adopted: 2010


  • All living things require energy.
  • Energy flows from the sun through producers to consumers.

  • I can explain how and why organisms are needed to support one another.


  • To analyze the interactions resulting in a flow of energy and matter throughout the ecosystem, one must identify the elements of the system and interpret how energy and matter are used by each organism.
  • Energy enters an ecosystem through the process of photosynthesis and is passed through the system as one organism eats and is, in turn, eaten. This energy flow can be modeled through relationships expressed in food webs.
  • The amount of energy available to each successive trophic level (producer, first-order consumer, second-order consumer, third-order consumer) decreases. This can be modeled through an energy pyramid, in which the producers provide the broad base that supports the other interactions in the system.


In order to meet this standard, it is expected that students will

d)  determine the relationship between a population’s position in a food web and its size.

apply the concepts of food chains, food webs, and energy pyramids to analyze how energy and matter flow through an ecosystem.

a, b, c, d)  design an investigation from a test table question related to food webs. The investigation may be a complete experimental design or may focus on systematic observation, description, measurement, and/or data collection and analysis.

analyze and critique the experimental design of basic investigations related to food webs.


ecosystem, producer, consumer, decomposer, food chain, food web, energy pyramid, herbivore, carnivore, omnivore, scavenger, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, water cycle, terrestrial ecosystem, marine ecosystem, freshwater ecosystem

Updated: Jun 29, 2018