Social Studies - 2018-19

VS.9b - Women's Suffrage and the Great Depression

The student will demonstrate an understanding of Virginia during the twentieth century and beyond by

b) describing how national events, including women’s suffrage and the Great Depression, affected Virginia and its citizens.

Adopted: 2015


  • So that I can understand the hardships of people during the Great Depression
  • So that I can understand that women were not treated fairly and were not allowed to vote


As Virginia became more urban and industrial, it also became more connected with the rest of the United States and was greatly affected by major national events.

With the New Deal, the federal government began to take on a much larger role in the daily lives of Virginians.


The United States Constitution was amended in 1920 to give women the right to vote. Maggie L. Walker was an African American leader from Virginia who supported equal rights for women.

The Great Depression was a period of harsh economic conditions worldwide during the 1930s. Many Virginians lost their jobs, farms, homes, and businesses. The federal government established New Deal programs to provide employment and ease many hardships.


Updated: May 18, 2018