Social Studies - 2018-19

VS.8c - Railroad, New Industries, and Cities

The student will demonstrate an understanding of the reconstruction of Virginia following the Civil War by

c) describing the importance of railroads, new industries, and the growth of cities to Virginia’s economic development.

Adopted: 2015


  • Many factors affect the growth of cities.
  • Progress in technology can lead to growth in industry.
  • Growth in transportation extends population areas, trade, and the movement of resources.


After the Civil War, industry and technology, railroads, and cities began to grow and contribute increasingly to Virginia’s economy.


Virginia began to grow in many ways after the Civil War and Reconstruction:

  • Virginia’s cities grew with people, businesses, and factories.
  • Railroads were a key to the expansion of business, agriculture, and industry. They facilitated the growth of small towns into cities.
  • Other parts of Virginia grew as other industries developed. Coal deposits were mined in the Appalachian Plateau.
  • The need for more and better roads increased.
  • Tobacco farming and the manufacture of tobacco products became important Virginia industries.


Updated: May 18, 2018