Social Studies - 2018-19

VS.3f - Jamestown Hardships

The student will demonstrate an understanding of the first permanent English settlement in America by

f) describing the hardships faced by settlers at Jamestown and the changes that took place to ensure survival.

Adopted: 2015


  • Many people face hardships at different times in their lives.
  • When moving to a new place, establishing a new colony, or trying something new there may be hardships.
  • Hardships can be overcome.


The English settlers found life in Virginia harder than they had expected.


Hardships faced by the settlers

  • The site they chose to live on was marshy and lacked safe drinking water.
  • A drought at the time of settlement reduced the amount of food available to everyone in Virginia.
  • The settlers lacked some skills necessary to provide for themselves.
  • Many settlers died of starvation and disease.

Changes that resulted in survival

  • The arrival of ships bringing supplies and new settlers
  • The forced work program and strong leadership of Captain John Smith
  • The development of new settlements that spread away from the unhealthy environment of Jamestown
  • The emphasis on agriculture


Updated: May 18, 2018