Social Studies - 2018-19

CE.4a, b, c, d, e, f, g - Personal Character Traits

The student will demonstrate personal character traits that facilitate thoughtful and effective participation in civic life by

a) practicing trustworthiness and honesty;

b) practicing courtesy and respect for the rights of others;

c) practicing responsibility, accountability, and self-reliance;

d) practicing respect for the law;

e) practicing patriotism;

f) practicing thoughtful decision making; and

g) practicing service to the school and/or local community.


Adopted: 2015



Thoughtful and effective participation in civic life depends upon the exercise of good citizenship.


Personal traits of good citizens

 Trustworthiness and honesty

 Courtesy and respect for the rights of others

 Responsibility, accountability, and self-reliance

 Respect for the law

 Patriotism

 Participation in the school and/or local community

 Participation in elections as an informed voter

Effective participation in civic life can include

 formulating questions

 analyzing information from a variety of sources

 expressing a position

 devising and implementing a plan

 practicing thoughtful decision making in personal, financial, and civic matters (e.g., voting, civic issues).


Updated: May 16, 2018