Social Studies - 2018-19

WG.8 c - Economic Characteristics of Russia and Central Asia

The student will analyze the characteristics of the Russian and Central Asian regions by 

c) explaining important economic characteristics; 

Adopted: 2015



Within the past 100 years, Russia and Central Asia have experienced long periods of economic and political change. 


Economic characteristics 

  • Transition from command economy (communist) to a limited market (free market) economy 
  • Farming and industry concentrated in the Fertile Triangle region, rich chernozem soils (wheat farming) 
  • Infrastructure: Trans-Siberian Railway, systems of rivers, canals, and railroads 
  • Energy resources: Hydroelectric power, oil, natural gas 
  • Exporters of oil, natural gas, and mineral resources 
  • Russian natural resources not fully developed due to climate, limited transportation links, and vastness of the country 
  • Foreign competition for investment in the region (oil pipelines) 
  • Widespread pollution due to growth in industry 
  • Shrinking of the Aral Sea, declining cotton production in Central Asia 
  • Political and economic difficulties after the breakup of the Soviet Union


Updated: Jun 13, 2018