Social Studies - 2018-19

WG.7 a - Regions and Cities of Europe

The student will analyze the characteristics of the European region by 

a) identifying and analyzing the location of major geographic regions and major cities on maps and globes; 

(moved from WG.4)

Adopted: 2015



Europe, considered the third-smallest continent, is the western peninsula of Eurasia and is located in the Northern Hemisphere.


Major regions and countries 

  • Northern Europe 
    • Ireland, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Baltic states 
  • Low Countries 
    • Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg 
  • Central Europe 
    •  France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria 
  • Mediterranean Europe 
    • Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Balkan states 
  • Eastern Europe 
    • Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine 
  • (from 2008 standards) Location of countries, with particular emphasis on the countries listed below (selected on the basis of their per capita GDP, land size, and population) 
    • GDP – Norway – Switzerland – Luxembourg 
    • Land size – Ukraine – France – Spain 
    • Population – Germany – United Kingdom – Italy – France 

Major cities as centers of culture and trade

  • London 
  • Paris 
  • Berlin 
  • Rome 
  • Athens 
  • Kiev 
  • Vienna 
  • Budapest


Updated: Jun 13, 2018