Social Studies - 2018-19

WG.5 a - Regions and Cities of US and Canada

The student will analyze the characteristics of the regions of the United States and Canada by 

a) identifying and analyzing the location of major geographic regions and major cities on maps and globes;

(moved from WG.4)

Adopted: 2015


Theme: Cooperation & Conflict (Location, Place, Human-Environment Interaction, Movement, Region)

Many kinds of people have settled the United States
How has the abundance of natural resources shaped the development of the United States and Canada?

What factors shaped the development of the United States?


The United States and Canada are located on the North American continent. 

Canada is located north of the United States of America. 

North America includes a variety of geographic regions.


Major regions of the United States 

  • Northeastern United States 
  • Midwest 
  • South 
  • West 

Major regions of Canada 

  • Atlantic Provinces 
  • Core Provinces 
  • Prairie Provinces 
  • Pacific Provinces and territories 

Major cities of the United States 

  • Washington, D.C. 
  • Chicago 
  • New York City 
  • Los Angeles 
  • Houston 

Major cities of Canada 

  • Toronto 
  • Montreal 
  • Ottawa 
  • Québec City 
  • Vancouver


Updated: Jun 13, 2018