Social Studies lessons should include a content standard and a skills standard.

The student will demonstrate skills for historical and geographical analysis and responsible citizenship, including the ability to 

VS.1a) identify and interpret artifacts and primary and secondary source documents to understand events in history; 

VS.1b) determine cause-and-effect relationships; 

VS.1c) compare and contrast historical events; 

VS.1d) draw conclusions and make generalizations; 

VS.1e) make connections between past and present; 

VS.1f) sequence events in Virginia history; 

VS.1g) interpret ideas and events from different historical perspectives; 

VS.1h) evaluate and discuss issues orally and in writing; 

VS.1i) analyze and interpret maps to explain relationships among landforms, water features, climatic characteristics, and historical events.

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

Unit 1 Review of 4th Grade Virginia Studies
VS.2a - Bordering States
VS.2b - Five Geographic Regions of Virginia
VS.2c - Water Features
VS.2d - Algonquian, Siouan, and Iroquoian
VS.2e - American Indians Food, Clothing, and Shelter
VS.2f - Material Evidence at Werowocomoco and Jamestown
VS.2g - State-recognized Tribes
VS.10b - Products and Industries of Virginia’s Five Geographic Regions
VS.3a - Reasons for English Colonization
VS.3b - Decision to Settle at Jamestown
VS.3c - Virginia Company of London
VS.3d - General Assembly
VS.3e - Arrival of Africans and English Women
VS.3f - Jamestown Hardships
VS.3g - Interactions between the English Settlers and the Native People
VS.4a - Agriculture and Slavery
VS.4b - Culture of Colonial Virginia
VS.4c - Relocation of Virginia’s Capital
VS.4d - Money, Barter, and Credit
VS.4e - Everyday Life in Colonial Virginia

1st Quarter Optional Performance Tasks/Assessment

Unit 2 Virginia in the American Revolution
VS.5a - Reasons for the American Revolution
VS.5b - American Revolution Era Virginians
VS.5c - Battle of Great Bridge, Jack Jouett, and Yorktown

Unit 3 The New Nation
VS.6a - Washington and Madison
VS.6b - Ideas of Mason and Jefferson
VS.6c - Migration of Virginians into Western Territories

2nd Quarter Optional Performance Tasks/Assessment

Unit 4 The Civil War
VS.7a - Events and Differences leading to the Civil War
VS.7b - Virginia’s Role in the Civil War
VS.7c - Roles during the Civil War

Unit 5 Reconstruction in Virginia
VS.8a - Reconstruction
VS.8b - Segregation and Jim Crow
VS.8c - Railroads, New Industries, and Cities

Unit 6 Virginia in the 20th and 21st Century
VS.9a - Transition from Agricultural Society to Industrialized Society
VS.9b - Woodrow Wilson and George C. Marshall

3rd Quarter Optional Performance Tasks/Assessment

Unit 7 Government in Virginia
VS.10a - Three Branches of Virginia Government
VS.10b - Products and Industries of Virginia’s Five Geographic Regions
VS.10c - Transportation, Communications, and Technology

Unit 8 Virginia in the 20th and 21st Century
VS.9c - Desegregation and Massive Resistance
VS.9d - 20th and 21st Century Virginians

Unit 9 SOL Review

4th Quarter Optional Performance Tasks/Assessment

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ELL PreK-5 Standards Standards/Curriculum Framework (2008)