Social Studies lessons should include a content standard and a skills standard.

Skills Standards

The student will demonstrate skills for historical thinking, geographical analysis, economic decision making, and responsible citizenship by
2.1a Identifying Artifacts, Primary and Secondary Sources
2.1b Using Basic Map Skills
2.1c Using and Creating Graphs, Diagrams, and Pictures
2.1d Asking Appropriate Questions
2.1e Comparing and Contrasting
2.1f Recognizing Cause and Effect
2.1g Making Connections Between Past and Present
2.1h Decision Making
2.1i Good Citizenship
2.1j Defending Positions Using Content Vocabulary

Content Standards

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

Unit One – Good Citizenship
NEW-2.11 - Good Citizen

Unit Two- Symbols of the United States
NEW-2.13 - Symbols, the Flag, and the Pledge of Allegiance

Unit Three – Holidays (Continued Throughout the Year)
NEW-2.5e-f - Labor Day and Columbus Day
NEW-2.4a - Christopher Columbus

Unit Four – Citizens of the United States
NEW-2.12 - Contributions, Principles, Rights, and Election Day

Unit Five – American Indians
Powhatan of the Eastern Woodlands, Lakota of the Plains, and Pueblo Peoples of the Southwest
NEW-2.3 - American Indian Cultures
NEW-2.7 - Relationship Between the Environment and Culture

Unit Three Continued - Holidays
NEW-2.5g-h - Veterans Day and Thanksgiving

Unit Six – Famous Americans
Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington Carver, Helen Keller, Thurgood Marshall, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, and Cesar Chavez
NEW-2.4b-i - Famous Americans

Unit Seven – U.S. Geography and Map Skills
NEW-2.6 - Develop Map Skills

Unit Three – Continued Holidays
NEW-2.4j - Martin Luther King, Jr.
NEW-2.5a-b - Martin Luther King, Jr., Day and Presidents’ Day

Unit Eight – Economics
NEW-2.8 - Natural, Human and Capital Resources
NEW-2.9 - Barter and Money
NEW-2.10 - Limited Resources

Unit Nine – Developments and Innovations in the U.S. in Communication and Transportation
NEW-2.2 - Developments and Innovations

Unit Three Continued – Holidays
NEW-2.5c-d - Memorial Day and Independence Day

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