Social Studies - 2017-18

VS.10b - Products and Industries of Virginia’s Five Geographic Regions

The student will demonstrate knowledge of government, geography, and economics by

b)  describing the major products and industries of Virginia’s five geographic regions.

Bloom's Level: Understand

Adopted: 2008


·  People decide what to produce based on their needs and wants and on the resources that are available to them.

·  The availability of resources influence economic decisions.

·  Goods are made, distributed, and used based on the culture and economic decisions made by each community (government).

·  People have wants that often exceed the limited resources available to them.


The state of Virginia can be divided into five geographic regions.

Certain products and industries characterize each region.

What are the major products and industries of each region in Virginia?


Draw conclusions and make generalizations. (VS.1d)

Make connections between past and present. (VS.1e)

Analyze and interpret maps. (VS.1i)

Selected examples of products and industries

  • Coastal Plain (Tidewater)
    • Products: seafood, peanuts
    • Industries: shipbuilding, tourism, military bases
  • Piedmont
    • Products: tobacco products, information technology
    • Industries: federal and state government, farming, horse industry
  • Blue Ridge Mountains
    • Products: apples
    • Industries: recreation, farming
  • Valley and Ridge
    • Products: poultry, apples, dairy, beef
    • Industries: farming
  • Appalachian Plateau
    • Products: coal
    • Industries: coal mining


seafood, peanuts, shipbuilding, tourism, military bases, information technology, federal and state government, farming, horse industry, apples, recreation, poultry, dairy, beef, coal mining, raw materials, finished products, export

Updated: Mar 02, 2018