Social Studies - 2017-18

VS.3e - Arrival of Africans and English Women

The student will demonstrate knowledge of the first permanent English settlement in America by

e)  identifying the importance of the arrival of Africans and English women to the Jamestown settlement.

Bloom's Level: Understand

Adopted: 2008


The addition of different people groups can bring different, ideas, resources, and cultures to a society.


Jamestown became a more diverse colony by 1620.

What was the impact of the arrival of Africans on the Jamestown settlement?

What was the impact of the arrival of additional women on the Jamestown settlement?


Compare and contrast historical events. (VS.1c)

Draw conclusions and make generalizations. (VS.1d)

Sequence events in Virginia history. (VS.1f)

Interpret ideas and events from different historical perspectives. (VS.1g)

Analyze and interpret maps to explain relationships among landforms, water features, climatic characteristics, and historical events. (VS.1i)

Portuguese sailors captured African men and women from what is present-day Angola. The status of these early African men and women as either servants or enslaved persons in Virginia is unknown.

Africans arrived in Jamestown against their will in 1619.

The arrival of Africans made it possible to expand the tobacco economy.

The arrival of additional women in 1620 made it possible for more settlers to establish families and a permanent settlement at Jamestown.


Updated: Apr 29, 2016