Social Studies - 2017-18

USII.8b - Wartime economy to peacetime economy

The student will demonstrate knowledge of the economic, social, and political transformation of the United States and the world between the end of World War II and the present by

b)  describing the conversion from a wartime to a peacetime economy.

Blooms Level: Remember

Adopted: 2008


Big Themes/Concepts: Standard of Living, Technology, Equality

Increased access to credit stimulated the American economy. 

Workers' rights have improved over time. 


Following World War II, Americans prospered due to an expanding economy stimulated by America’s involvement in the war.

What contributed to the prosperity of Americans following World War II?


Reasons for rapid growth of the American economy following World War II

·  With rationing of consumer goods over, businesses converted from production of war materials to consumer goods.

·  Americans purchased goods on credit.

·  The work force shifted back to men, and most women returned full time to family responsibilities.

·  Labor unions merged and became more powerful; workers gained new benefits and higher salaries.

As economic prosperity continued and technology boomed, the next generation of women entered the labor force in large numbers.

Make connections between the past and the present. (USII.1b)


credit, rationing, prosperity, consumer

Updated: Aug 17, 2017